Selected Due Date

This program is available to PES residential customers.  Customers that have been disconnected for non-payment within the previous twenty-four months are not eligible for this program.

Levelized Billing

A customer may have the option of levelized (i.e. averaged) billing each month for his/her residential account.  

A.    Current residential customers with no outstanding balance and a minimum of 12 months of consecutive payment history at the desired location are eligible if their credit history shows no cutoffs or returned checks during the previous 12 months.  Customers may sign up for this program at any time during the year.

Partial Payments

A customer may be allowed to pay a portion of his/her electric bill to avoid interruption of service.  The following guidelines must be met to participate in the program.

A.    Current residential customers with at least two months of consecutive payment history without delinquency, disconnection or bad checks are eligible for this plan.  Customers with at least 12 months of consecutive payment history, and no more than two payments paid after the last date for payment, may also participate.

Bank Draft

PES will offer customers the option of having their bank account electronically debited for account payment.  The customer will continue to receive a monthly statement listing the energy consumed, the energy charge, and any other charges that may apply.  The customer’s bank account will be debited on the account due-date.

Credit or Debit Card

PES will offer customers the option of using a major credit or debit card for bill payment, deposits or miscellaneous charges.  Payments may be made in the PES office, over the telephone or on the PES web-site. 

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