Aid to Construction

An aid-to-construction payment will be required for labor and/or facilities furnished by PES for the installation of electric service to a customer facility. Aid-to-construction payments are not required for the repair and like-replacement of equipment damaged by wind, fire, storm or other disasters.

New Service

Each customer requesting electric service at a facility requiring a new overhead or underground installation shall receive an initial construction credit based onthe facility’s class of service. The customer will be responsible for all calculated charges exceeding the amount of the construction credit. Also, the customer will be responsible for furnishing and installing anapproved meter base and point of connection according to NESC, NEC and PES guidelines.

The per-class credit will be recalculated from time-to-time based on PES’ latest analysis of the average investment in distribution line and service installation per customer for each rate class.

Current credits are listed below:

Residential Service – $2,000 Credit

Commercial Service < than 15,000kWh and/or 50kW per month – $2,000

Commercial Service between 50kW and 249kW – $20,000

Commercial Service over 250kW – Refer to Power Contract

Upgrades to Existing Services

Each customer requesting an upgrade to an existing electric service (including increase the size of the electrical service, replacing an aerial service with an underground installation, or moving from a single phase service to a three phase service) will be required to pay 50% of the calculated charges assessed by PES. The customer will be responsible for all work necessary past PES’ point of connection. Furthermore, if electing to install underground service, the customer is responsible for all trenching, conduit and concrete work needed for the underground installation.

Upgrade fees for Commercial customers with usage over 250kW will be negotiated separately, and may be included in the customer’s power contract.


For the purposes of this policy, a subdivision is a residential development of five or more parcels divided into lot sizes of five acres or less and described within a surveyed plat recorded with the Register of Deeds. PES will install the primary aerial line within the development free of charge for subdivisions with maximum lot sizes of one and half acres or less. If the subdivision has lot sizes between one and half and three acres, then the developer will be responsible for 25% of the calculated charges for installing the aerial primary line within the subdivision. If the lot sizes are larger than three acres, the developer will be responsible for 50% of the calculated charges for installing the primary lines within the subdivision. Regardless of the lot size, PES has the right to require the developer to cover the cost of bringing electric service to the subdivision. Additionally, regardless of lot size, if the developer wishes to install the subdivision’s primary line underground, they will be responsible for 50% of the calculated charges. The cost of the service from the subdivision’s primary line to the residence shall be paid according to the New Service section described elsewhere in this policy.

PES reserves the right to modify the customer-required contribution for large or unusual subdivisions.


For charges owed PES, payment must be made prior to work being performed. An irrevocable letter of credit from a lending institution may be used to delay payment until the work is completed by PES.