The Pulaski Electric System issues monthly bills for the use of its services.  The following guidelines will be binding on all PES customers:

A.    Bills will be issued monthly and shall be paid at the PES office or other locations designated by PES.  Failure to receive a bill will not release the customer from payment obligation.

B.    Bills are due when issued for all classes of service.  The period during which the net amount is due is a minimum of 18 days from the date the customer is billed (barring a natural disaster where bills may be estimated).  All customer accounts will show a fixed due-date; however, whenever that due-date occurs on a weekend or a PES holiday, customers will be allowed the next working day without incurring penalty charges.  Remittance by mail must be received by the due-date in order to avoid late charges.

C.    Any outstanding balances will be presented on the next month’s bill.  Payments made after the due-date are subject to an additional charge computed at five percent of the total electric bill up to $250 and one percent of the balance over $250.    

D.    Service shall be subject to termination and appropriate service fees, as required by Operating Policy 2-6, not earlier than 30 days after billing if unpaid or if prior arrangements have not been made in accordance with Operating Policy 2-8. 

E.    While PES strives to accurately bill its customers, various situations may arise that necessitate an account adjustment.  In the event of a billing or meter reading error, PES shall refund or credit the amount of the overcharge.  No adjustment, refund or credit shall be provided for a period in excess of 36 months.

F.    If PES undercharges a customer due to a billing or meter reading error, according to the terms specified in Tennessee Code Annotated Section 28-3-301, PES shall backbill the customer for the amount of the undercharge for a period not to exceed 36 months.  In the case of meter tampering or fraud, PES may backbill the customer for the amount of the estimated undercharge.