Levelized Billing

A customer may have the option of levelized (i.e. averaged) billing each month for his/her residential account.  

A.    Current residential customers with no outstanding balance and a minimum of 12 months of consecutive payment history at the desired location are eligible if their credit history shows no cutoffs or returned checks during the previous 12 months.  Customers may sign up for this program at any time during the year.

B.    The customer’s levelized billing amount will be based on one-twelfth of the actual usage over the most recent twelve months.  Each month the amount will be recalculated based on the most recent twelve-month period.  

C.    Customers participating in the Levelized Billing program are required to maintain a good payment record as defined in “A” above.  At any time, should a customer’s check or draft be returned to our office due to insufficient funds or a closed account, the customer will be removed from the program.  Any customer disconnected for nonpayment will automatically be removed from this program.  Customers that are removed from the program must pay all amounts in arrears, plus any additional fees or penalties due.

D.    Customers using Levelized Billing are not eligible to make partial-payment agreements, as stated in Operating Policy 2-8.