Meter Reading

Electric service furnished to a property is measured by a meter located at the property.  Each customer receiving services from the Pulaski Electric System will be bound by the following:

A.    The meter is the property of PES, but is in the care and custody of the customer.  The property owner and/or tenant are prohibited from removing, damaging, or tampering with the meter.  

B.    The property owner and/or tenant is responsible for maintaining a safe passageway for meter access by PES employees and for keeping the meter free from obstruction by restraining pets, and/or removing obstacles that might inhibit access to the meter.  Additionally, the customer has the responsibility to provide ready access for meter reading if the meter is in a locked place.  Failure of the customer to provide ready access and/or remove obstructions may result in disconnection.

C.    At least once each month, PES will read the meters at the property.  PES employees carry identification, which the customer may ask to see for his/her own protection.  Though PES attempts to read the meter each month, there are occasions where PES may have to estimate the customer’s monthly bill.  Situations such as extreme weather conditions, emergencies, inability of PES to gain access to the meter, or other circumstances may require that the bill be estimated.

D.    PES shall test the accuracy of its meters, as it deems necessary according to industry standards.  The customer may request that a meter be tested at a time other than the PES’s standard testing schedule.  If the meter tests accurately according to industry standards (2% fast or slow), the customer will be responsible for the meter testing fee set forth in Operating Policy 2-6.  Customers may also request that a meter be reread; however, if the original reading is found to be correct, the customer will be responsible for the appropriate fee set forth in Operating Policy 2-6.

E. PES will allow customers to OPT-OUT of the AMI meter deployment.  The customer will be responsible for read meter at customer's request fee set forth in Operating Policy 2-6 on a monthly basis.  The customer will be responsible to notify PES on any power outage. Furthermore, customers wishing to OPT-OUT will not be able to participate in PES rates that offer incentives based on time and curtailment.