Partial Payments

A customer may be allowed to pay a portion of his/her electric bill to avoid interruption of service.  The following guidelines must be met to participate in the program.

A.    Current residential customers with at least two months of consecutive payment history without delinquency, disconnection or bad checks are eligible for this plan.  Customers with at least 12 months of consecutive payment history, and no more than two payments paid after the last date for payment, may also participate.

B.    The customer must pay at least one-half of the total bill no later than the last date for payment, another quarter of the balance within seven days following the last date for payment, and the final quarter of the balance within the another seven days.  If partial payment is made after the regular due date, the total amount will include appropriate fees.

C.    The partial payment plan may be used four times within a twelve month period.

D.    Customers on Budget Billing or Levelized Billing are not eligible for the partial payment program.

E.    Customers using the partial payment plan must sign a payment agreement before the plan is effective.  Agreements may be made only with the customer of record.  Proof of identification is required.  Failure to meet the partial payment plan agreement will result in disconnection, additional service charges, and require a deposit if the customer wishes to reconnect his/her service.  Also, the customer will be ineligible to participate in the plan for 12 months.