Residential Underground Service

PES will provide single-phase underground electrical service to new residences subject to the following requirements:

A.    PES shall be consulted prior to construction of service to determine the proper meter location and routing of the underground service.  All services shall be installed in conduit.  Ninety degree bends shall not be allowed in the below-grade portion of the conduit installation with the exception of installations at the meter base, pole or pad-mounted transformer.

B.    Developer or owner shall be responsible for all ditching and backfilling as required for the installation of underground services.  Ditching shall allow for service conduits to be installed at a depth of not less than 30 inches below final grade.  Foreign matter (bricks, concrete blocks, boards, bottles, trash, etc.) shall not be placed in ditches.

C.    The developer or owner shall exercise care in backfilling underground service ditches.  Earth and all materials used as backfill shall be tamped to provide proper support for conduits.  Large rocks shall not be used within 6 inches of the conduit.  In the event that the conduit or service conductors are damaged during backfilling, the developer or owner shall be responsible for providing the excavation required for PES to make repairs.  Developer or owner shall be responsible for installing a plastic warning tape furnished by PES 6 to 12 inches above the conduits during backfilling.

D.    Developer or owner shall be responsible for furnishing and installing the meter base and a portion of the conduit from the meter base to the ditch including a manufactured 90-degree elbow prior to the installation of the conduit by PES.  Conduit used shall be either rigid or Schedule 80 PVC.  No offsets in the conduit from the manufactured elbow to the meter base shall be allowed.  For 200 amp services the conduit size shall be 2 ½ inches and for 400 amp services the conduit size shall be 3 inches unless otherwise specifies by PES.

E.    Developer or owner may be required to pay for all or a portion of PES’s installation costs for underground facilities in excess of the costs for standard overhead service.